Hino-Crimson Azalea

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R. Anthodendron x Kurume 'Hino-Crimson'

Hino-Crimson is best grown in sun-dappled or high-open shade. Too much sun in the heat of summer will burn its leaves.

Plant in acidic, humusy, moisture-retentive but well-drained soil. Keep roots just moist. It responds to these good conditions with Spring-time masses of bright pinkish-red blooms.

Use as a shady shrub border, in a mixed border, or in a woodland garden. Semi-evergreen means, here, that leaves will bronze in winter.

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Flowering Shrub
Foliage Type Broadleaf evergreen
Height 2' - 4'
Spread 4' - 8'
Shape Upright & Spreading
Primary Foliage Color Dark Green
Seasonal Foliage Color Bronze
Flowering Season Early Spring
Flower Color Crimson Red
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Preferences Full or Dappled Shade
Water Preferences Moist (not standing water): Ensure the planting area is prepared for good drainage.  Poor drainage areas may result in 'root rot'.
Cold Hardiness Zone 7