Hino-Crimson Azalea

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Rhododendron Kurume 'Hino-Crimson'

Native to the island of Kyushu, Japan, Kurume's are a cold-hardy azalea that made their way to the U.S. in the early 20th century (1917). The Kurume hybrids have multiplied since and now consist of several hundred varieties. The Hino-Crimson is known for its intense growth with blooms that almost cover the entire shrub, packed with red petals and crimson bells. The recommended fertilizer for azaleas is the slow release Osmocote. 

Deer may browse.

Photo courtesy of Oregon State University - College of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Horticulture.  

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Flowering Shrub
Foliage Type Evergreen
Height 2' - 4'
Spread 3' - 5'
Shape Upright/Rounded
Primary Foliage Color Green
Seasonal Foliage Color Bronze
Flowering Season Spring
Flower Color Crimson Red
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Preferences Partial Sun to Partial Shade
Water Preferences Average; Ensure planting area provides adequate drainage. 
Hardiness Zones 5 - 9