Black Dragon Japanese Cedar

Black Dragon Japanese Cedar

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Cryptomeria japonica 'Black Dragon'

Black Dragon Japanese Cedar is a dense, irregular-growing but conical evergreen with needle-like, green to almost black foliage. New spring growth, however, is light green.

Produces tiny, roundish, red-brown cones. This beautiful, small specimen tree is best used in rock gardens or large containers. Grows slowly to 5' tall and 7' wide in ten years; takes even longer to reach maturity.      * Deer Seldom Browse *

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Tree
Foliage Type Needled Evergreen/Conifer
Height 6' - 10'
Spread 3' - 5'
Shape Conical (with captivating irregularities)
Primary foliage Color Dark Green (almost Black)
Seasonal foliage Color
Flowering Season
Flower Color
Berries Cones
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Slow
Sun Preferences Sun to Partial Shade
Water Preferences
Dry to Average: ensure planting area provides adequate drainage
Cold Hardiness Zone  5 to 9