Brown Turkey Fig

Brown Turkey Fig

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Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'

The very hardy, heavy-bearing Brown Turkey Fig produces medium to large, purple to brown-skinned fruit twice a year, in late spring and again in late summer.

To establish a deep and extensive root system, follow a regular watering schedule during the growing season; reduce watering after established. Apply general purpose fertilizer before new growth begins in the spring.

Average Water Needs: Ensure planting area provides good drainage.                  This fig tree is self-pollinating

Produces very tasty, brownish-purple fruit in late spring and again in late summer. Highly adaptable. Figs are often root hardy and prolific. A beautiful specimen for garden or landscape with light annual pruning.          

 *Deer May Browse*

Photos courtesy of Texas Pecan Nursery, Chandler TX,  Bottoms Nursery in Concord, GA & Toms Creek Nursery in Denton, NC
Ornamental Characteristics
Category Fruit Shrub
Foliage Type Deciduous
Height 10' - 20'
Spread 10' - 20'
Shape Upright & Rounded
Primary Foliage Color Top side: Dark Green/ Botton side: Light Green
Seasonal Foliage Color Sheds Its leaves durning colder months
Flowering Season Spring
Flower Color Insignificant
Fruits Tasty Figs
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Preferences Sun to Partial Shade