Starburst Susie Daylily

Starburst Susie Daylily

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Hemerocallis fulva x Monie 'Starburst Susie'

Like many another orange daylily, Starburst Susie descends from the common ditch lily. This blazing tricolor is copyrighted by Monrovia. (It is identical to H. fulva 'Kwanso'. Neither is registered with AHS.)

Scape height: 36" ,      Bloom size: 5",  Hue(s): Blended tricolor - bright orange, firey red, golden yellow, Form: Double, ruffled, recurved, Bloom time: Midsummer                          Re-bloomer: Yes, Ploidy: Unconfirmed; probably tetraploid

* Deer Heavily Browse *           Photos by: Peter Hog, Daves Garden; Monrovia

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Flowering, Herbaeceious Perennial
foliage Type Evergreen
Height 2' - 4'
Spread 1' - 3'
Shape Clump-forming
Primary foliage Color Green, dark
Seasonal foliage Color -
Flowering Season Summer
Flower Color Orangy-Red
Berries -
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate to fast
Sun Preferences Full Sun
Water Preferences Moist: ensure planting area provides adequate drainage-drained soil
Zone 7