Waxleaf Ligustrum

Waxleaf Ligustrum

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Ligustrum japonicum 'Texanum'

A compact, upright growing, vigorous evergreen to 10' with large glossy, deep-green leaves. Can be shaped or allowed to grow naturally. Unsheared plants produce a profusion of white blossoms in the spring, followed by dark blue berries.             

Great Privacy Screening or Border Shrub           * Deer Resistant *                  

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Photo courtesy of our growing friends at Flowerwood Nursery in Loxley, AL  ~ Growing Since 1938 ~

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Shrub
Foliage Type Broadleaf evergreen
Height 6' - 10'
Spread 4' - 8'
Shape Upright
Primary Foliage Color Bright Green
Seasonal Foliage Color Bright Green
Flowering Season Spring
Flower Color White
Berries Dark Blue
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Preferences Sun to Partial Shade
Water Preferences Average: Ensure planting area provides adequate drainage
Cold Hardiness Zone 7