Liriope Spicata 'Monkey Grass'

Liriope Spicata 'Monkey Grass'

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Liriope spicata

The liriope. 'spicata', also known as monkey grass, is an almost indestuctible plant for stubborn areas. Liriope gracefully fills those spots where nothing else will grow. Large, pale lavender flower spikes bloom late in summer to early Autumn.

* Deer Resistant

Photos courtesy of Toms Creek Farm & Nursery in Farmer, NC (336) 857-2131

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Perennial, Ornamental Grass
Foilage Type Evergreen
Height 1'
Spread 1'
Shape Clump-forming, ground-cover
Primary Foilage Color Medium Green
Seasonal Foilage Color Medium Green
Flowering Season Summer
Flower Color Pale lavender
Low Maintenance Yes (once established)
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Preferences Full Sun & Part Shade
Water Preferences Average - Prepare planting area for adequate drainage. Poor drainage may result in root rot. 
Cold Hardiness Zone 5 - 9