Duchesse de Nemours Peony

Duchesse de Nemours Peony

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Paeonia lactiflora 'Duchesse de Nemours'

Double White Have an unforgettable fragrance, are unexcelled for cutting and may live 30 or 40 years or longer.

Blooms in Spring. When planting the buds should never be more than 2"deep, and feed each peony a big handful of bonemeal (calcium) in September.  When dividing you want 3 or 4 buds per division.

Snip off spent flowers back to the first leaf to keep the plants looking tidy; leave as much foliage as possible to feed the plant.

*Deer Resistant* Attracts: Birds, Butterflies, Bees & Hummingbirds

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Flowering Herbaceous Perennial
Foliage Type Dormant in Winter
Height 2' - 3'
Spread 1' - 3'
Shape Upright & Arching
Primary Foliage Color (Glossy) Green
Seasonal Foliage Color Sheds leaves during Winter months
Flowering Season Spring
Flower Color White
Berries N/A
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Preferences Sun to Shade
Water Preferences Average:  Ensure planting area provides adequate drainage.
Zone: 7