Bald Cypress

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Taxodium distichum

Because bald cypress shows high tolerance for very poor soils, it can be planted as a street tree or around newly constructed homes. This tree does not drop fruit, making it a good choice to plant near a patio, and the narrow crown makes it suitable for foundation plantings.        BEAUTIFUL SPECIMEN TREE

Be sure to plant Bald Cypress  at least  20' from the house

Soft needle-like leaves give the Bald Cypress a fine texture. It is native to Southern wetlands and is adaptable to landscapes with wet or dry soil. Bald Cypress with its reddish barks grows best in FULL SUN.

A distinguishing difference between Bald Cypress and Dawn Redwood is; Bald cypress has alternate leaf buds and Dawn Redwood has opposite.

Photo courtesy of Toms Creek Farm & Nursery in Farmer, North Carolina 336-857-2131 (picture taken in Asheboro, North Carolina)

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Conifer
Foilage Type Deciduous
Height 30' - 50'
Spread 20' + 
Shape Pyramidal
Primary Foilage Color Green
Seasonal Foilage Color Green
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Preferences Sun or Shade