Scuppernong Muscadine Grape (female)

Scuppernong Muscadine Grape (female)

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Vitis rotundifolia 'Scuppernong' (female)

Large yielder of Bronze muscadine grapes. The Scuppernong is highly resistant to disease.  Excellent, sweet flavor with low sugar content. 

Uses: Wine, fresh fruit, market, jelly and juice.  

The Scuppernong requires a pollinator. Cross pollinate w/ Carlos or Noble muscadines.

* Deer May Browse *

Photo courtesy of: Bottoms Nursery in Concord, GA & Toms Creek Nursery in Denton, NC
Ornamental Characteristics
Category Woody, Fruit Vine
Foliage Type Deciduous
Height 8'+

10' - 20' 

Shape Climbing
Primary Foliage Color Green
Seasonal Foliage Color Sheds its leaves durning colder months
Flowering Season Spring
Grapes Bronze
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Preferences Full Sun
Water Preferences Average: Ensure planting area provides adequate drainage.
Cold Hardiness Zone 7 - 10