Hunt Muscadine Grape (Female)

Hunt Muscadine Grape (Female)

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Vitus routundifolia 'Hunt'

Female: Needs pollinator; clusters, large berries small, black skin, ripens mid September. Good flavor but low sugar content

Good all-purpose grape. It is excellent for wine, unfermented juice, jam and all other commercial purposes. Highly recommended for both home and commercial vineyards

Photo courtesy of Toms Creek Farm & Nursery in Farmer, North Carolina (336) 857-2131

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Fruiting Vine
Foliage Type Deciduous, Winter Dormant
Height 8' - 12'
Spread 15' - 20'
Shape Climbing
Primary Foliage Color Lush Green
Fruits Muscadine Grapes
Flowering Season Spring

Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Preferences Full Sun
Water Preferences Average: Ensure the planting area is prepared for good drainage.  Poor drainage areas may result in 'root rot'.
Cold Hardiness Zone 7