D.D. Blanchard Magnolia

D.D. Blanchard Magnolia

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Magnolia grandiflora 'D.D. Blanchard'

The D.D Blanchard Magnolia is distinguished by its naturally compact, open-branched, pyramidal form and huge cup-shaped creamy-white flowers.

Glossy, dark green leaves are accented with a rich, brown-suede-like underside.     Beautiful Magnolia

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Ornamental Characteristics
Category Flowering Tree
Foliage Type Broadleaf Evergreen
Height 30' - 50'
Spread 25' - 35'
Shape Pyramidal tree-form
Primary Foliage Color (Glossy) Dark Green w/Brown underside
Seasonal Foliage Color (Glossy) Dark Green w/Brown underside
Flowering Season Summer
Flower Color Creamy White
Interesting Characteristic Produces interesting seed pods with Red 'Seeds'
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Slow
Sun Preferences Full Sun
Water Preferences Moist (not standing water): Ensure Planting Area Provides Adequate Drainage
Cold Hardiness Zone  7  to 9