Oshio Beni Japanese Maple

Oshio Beni Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum 'Oshio Beni'

With its beautiful form and color, Oshio Beni is an outstanding specimen tree: Small-to-medium-sized, deeply lobed leaves are purplish-red throughout the growing season, then turn bright garnet-red in the fall.

Canopy is well branched &  can grow slightly wider than the tree height.              

*Deer May Browse (if hungry enough)*

Photos courtesy of Guadalupe Magana of Toms Creek Nursery in Denton, North Carolina + 6454 Old NC Hwy.49, Denton     (336) 857-2131   

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Ornamental Tree
Foliage Type Deciduous
Height 10' - 20'
Spread 18' - 20'
Shape Upright, Spreading
Primary Foliage Color Purply-red
Seasonal Foliage Color Garnet Red
Flowering Season Spring
Flower Color Insignificant
Berries Winged seeds
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Slow
Sun Preferences Sun to Partial Shade
Water Preferences Average - Prepare planting area for adequate drainage. Poor drainage results in root rot. 
Cold Hardiness Zone 5  to 8