Strawberry Candy Daylily

Strawberry Candy Daylily

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Hemerocallis 'Strawberry Candy'

Strawberry Candy is a real eye-catcher, a specimen daylily if ever there was one! It has bright pink petals, a pale-yellow throat with a rosey-red halo and edging. Mid summer to fall. A vigorous rebloomer that will improve each year.

Hot afternoon sun may cause bright blossoms to fade.

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Ornamental Characteristics
Category Flowering Perennial
Foliage Type Semi-evergreen
Height 2' - 4'
Spread 2' - 3'
Shape Clump-forming
Primary Foliage Color Green
Seasonal Foliage Color Semi-evergreen
Flowering Season Summer
Flower Color Blushing pink w/rosey-red halo
Vigorous Re-Bloomer
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Preferences Sun to Partial Shade
Water Preferences Average to Moist (not standing water): Ensure planting area provides adequate drainage-drained soil
Cold Hardiness Zone 6a to 9b