Pink Velour Crape Myrtle

Pink Velour Crape Myrtle

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Lagerstroemia indica 'Pink Velour'

Pink Velour, a large, multi-stemmed shrub, is one of the few crape myrtles that have really bright, hot-pink blooms; these last for months. New leaves emain a wine, or burgundy, color for weeks, mature to a dark purple-green, then turn a brownish orange in the fall. Roots easily from soft-wood cuttings. Beautiful Specimen.

Resists Mildew                                    Deer Resistant

Note: Regardless of hardiness zone, all crape myrtles are subject to die-back at temps below 15 degrees. Probability of this happening is increased by pruning in fall or winter. Prune only in earliest spring. Bloom will be on new wood.

 Attracts: Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Birds & other beneficial pollinators.

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Small Flowering Tree or Large Flowering Shrub
Foliage Type Deciduous
Height 10' - 15'
Spread 6' - 10'
Shape Upright
Primary Foliage Color Dark-purplish Green
Seasonal Foliage Color Orange, brownish
Flowering Season Summer
Flower Color Bright, Hot, Pink
Berries N/S
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Preferences Full Sun
Water Preferences Average - Prepare planting area for adequate drainage. Poor drainage results in root rot.