Viridis Upright Yew

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Taxus x media 'Virdis'

Slow growing, narrow, columnar form that matures at around 12 feet with a spread of about 3-4 feet. The needles are slightly twisted and a little lighter green than what is typical for a Taxus. The newly emerging growth is a beautiful bright yellow green. This form of upright yew stays very tight and will not 'fall open' with age or under heavy snow. 3-4 times taller than wide. *Deer May Browse*

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Conifer
foliage Type Evergreen
Height 6 ft-10 ft
Spread 1-4 ft
Shape Upright
Primary foliage Color
Seasonal foliage Color
Flowering Season
Flower Color
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Slow
Sun Preferences Full Sun and Partial Shade
Water Preferences Well -drained soil
Cold Hardiness Zone Zones 4 (-35ÁF) to 7 (-17ÁF)