Oak Leaf Red Holly

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Ilex hybrida 'Conaf'

Oak Leaf, an upright grower capable of reaching 20 feet in height with a spread of about 8 feet. When a young plant it has a columnar form; as it matures, it takes a pyramidal shape. Oak Leaf (TM) is one of the Red Holly series trademarked by Mitch Magee Evergreen Nursery,Poplarville, Miss.

It has evergreen, emerald-green leaves that emerge reddish-purple in the spring (hence, the red holly reference). A hermaphrodite, containing functionally male and female parts in each flower, it will be self-fruitful without need of a male pollinator.    

 * Deer Resistant *

Photos courtesy of Toms Creek Nursery in Denton, NC (336) 857-2131
Ornamental Characteristics
Category Shrub or Small Tree
Foliage Type Broadleaf Evergreen
Height 10' - 20'
Spread 8' - 10'
Shape Pyramidal
Primary Foliage Color (Glossy) Dark Green 
Seasonal Foliage Color (Glossy) Dark Green 
Flowering Season Spring
Flower Color Insignificant
Berries Orange-red
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Preferences Sun to Partial Shade
Water Preferences Average:Ensure planting area provides adequate drainage