Prostrate 'Creeping' Rosemary

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Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostrata'

Creeping Rosemary is a fragrant, tropical and tender perennial.   Commonly used as a culinary herb. Cascades down rockeries, containers, walls.... fantastic specimen

Ground hugging under 6" in height.            

* Deer & Rabbit Resistant *

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Perennial Ground-cover
Foliage Type Needled Evergreen, or conifer
Height 1'
Spread 1' - 2'
Shape Creeping & Spreading
Primary Foliage Color Silvery Green
Seasonal Foliage Color Silvery Green
Flowering Season Early to Mid-summer
Flower Color Pale Blue
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Preferences Full Sun
Water Preferences Average: Ensure planting area provides adequate drainage.
Cold Hardiness Zone 7 to 10