Combination Apple Fruit Tree '4~n~1' (semi-dwarf)

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Malus pumila 'Combination'  (MILD CLIMATE)

Four different apples growing on the same tree. Gordon -red early (July), Anna - green early (June), Fuji - green/red late (September), Gordon - red mid (August- September) This uniquely grafted combination tree offers four of the following choice moderate-chill varieties of Gala, Early Summer Red, Granny Smith, and Fuji into one outstanding apple tree.

These are select varieties for moderate Winter climate or colder areas that receive over 400 chilling hours. *Deer May Browse*

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Fruit Tree
Foliage Type Deciduous
Height 10' - 20'
Spread 8' - 10'
Shape Standard Fruit-tree form
Primary Foliage Color Green (ovate shaped)
Seasonal Foliage Color Winter Dormant
Flowering Season Spring
Flower Color Pinkish-white
Ripens July - early October
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Preferences Full Sun
Water Preferences Average: Prepare planting area for adequate drainage.