Shasta Daisy * SOLD OUT *

Shasta Daisy * SOLD OUT *

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Leucanthemum x superbum 'Crazy Daisy'

The cheerful Shasta Daisy is a classic perennial. It looks similar to the familiar roadside daisy but has larger and more robustæblooms. Shasta daisies tend to bloom in clumps.

They bear all-white daisy petals, yellow disk florets, and contrasting glossy, dark greenæleaves. Like clockwork, shastas return every spring or early summer and bloom until early fall. They are never invasive (like some consider roadside daisies to be) and they are terrific foræcutting. *Deer May Browse*


Ornamental Characteristics
Category Perennial, herbaceous
foliage Type Dormant in winter
Height 2' - 3'
Spread 1' - 2'
Primary foliage Color
Seasonal foliage Color
Flowering Season Summer
Flower Color White
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate to fast
Sun Preferences Full sun
Water Preferences Dry to average
Cold Hardiness Zone