Carolina Jasmine 'Margarita'

Carolina Jasmine 'Margarita'

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Gelsemium sempervirens 'Margarita'

Carolina Jasmine is a beautiful, yellow-blooming, evergreen vine native to the American southeast. It is not, however, jasmine, or jessamine, as most gardeners know it (which is a fragrant white-blooming shrub or vine). Still, this makes a very successful arbor, especially if situated in a sunny area. It will also bloom, though less well, in partial shade. Light fragrance. Can tolerate temperatures as low as -25F.

Can serve as a bushy ground-cover.

To keep in check, prune annually in late spring after flowering. 

                      *Poisonous to humans if eaten*

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Vine
Foliage Type Broadleaf evergreen
Height 10' - 15'
Spread 4' - 6'
Shape Climbing or creeping/spreading
Primary foliage Color Green, glossy
Seasonal foliage Color
Flowering Season Summer
Flower Color Yellow
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Preferences Full sun
Water Preferences Moist to Average: ensure planting area provides adequate drainage
Cold Hardiness Zone 7