Tussock sedge

Tussock sedge

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Carex stricta 

(Wetland Species) Tufted Sedge that enjoys wetland type areas. Their colonies form by underground rhizomes. Beautiful, Bright Green foliage grows upright and arches like fountain waters. It is native to Eastern & Central North America and found as far west as Texas! 

It is host to such species as the Appalachian Brown Butterfly and the Eyed Brown Butterflies. Wetland birds and turtles also like to to eat the seeds that it produces. The sedge wren feeds & nests in this sedge. 

Great for naturalizing 'wet' areas

Photo Courtesy of Our Growing Friends at Tidwell Nurseries in Greenville, Georgia 

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Ornamental (Wetlands) Sedge
Foliage Type Perennial Grass
Height 3' - 4'
Spread 1' - 2'
Shape Mounding Form
Primary Foliage Color Bright Green
Seasonal Foliage Color

Bright Green
Flowering Season June
Flower Color Brown (cat-tail shaped)
Deer Resistant? Yes
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Preferences Light Shade - Full Sun
Water Preferences Wet to Moist
Cold Hardiness Zone 5 to 8