Early Bird Purple Crape Myrtle (Matures 6')

Early Bird Purple Crape Myrtle (Matures 6')

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Lagerstroemia hybrid 'JD827' PP22718

This early blooming crape myrtle begins blooming in May, often as early as Mother's Day & much earlier than other Crape Myrtles.  

Low Maintenance                Very pretty dwarf variety

Re-Bloomer                          * Deer Resistant
Ornamental Characteristics
Category Flowering Shrub
Foliage Type Deciduous
Height 6'
Spread 3' - 4'
Primary Foliage Color Burgundy
Seasonal Foliage Color Yellows & Oranges then it sheds its leaves in the colder months
Flowering Season Late Spring - Autumn
Flower Color Purple
Berries N/A
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Moderate to Fast
Sun Preferences Full Sun - Part Shade
Water Preferences Moist (not wet): Ensure planting area provides adequate drainage.
Cold Hardiness Zone 7  to 9