Salavatski Pomegranate (Russian)

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Pumica granatum 'Salavatski'

Fruit matures in early September and bears a heavy crop. Seeds have vivid red color. This pomegranate has the highest juice content per fruit. These are also great for eating because of the soft seeds.  Do not water in the fall to prevent fruit from cracking and rotting. 


*Deer May Browse* 

Attracts hummingbirds

To prevent limbs from becoming too heavy and breaking, keep pruned to around -6'. Hardy to -6 degrees F. Zones 6b-19b

Ornamental Characteristics
Category Fruits, Nuts, Berries
Foliage Type Deciduous
Height 6' - 10' 
Spread 5' - 8'
Shape Shrub
Primary Foliage Color
Seasonal Foliage Color
Flowering Season Spring
Flower Color orange-red
Environmental Characteristics
Growth Rate Slow
Sun Preferences Full Sun
Water Preferences Dry: Prepare planting area for adequate drainage.